In case you haven't noticed, the admins here at are really big fans of anime.
To celebrate the debut of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, we will be having a storewide discount for all customers who read this blog post.
Use the code STONEOCEAN for 6% off your total order, with a minimum purchase of 29.99 USD.
This code will work on top of any ongoing sales for selected products.
Standard shipping rates apply.
You can use this code as many times as you want as long as this promotion is running.
This promotion will last from: NOW to 2 December 12PM UTC

Feel free to contact us at for any further enquiries.
(Catch Jojo part 6 on Netflix, from 1 December 2021! Yare Yare Dawa!)
...Also, Black Friday or something. yeah.

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